Monday, May 17, 2010

Have you ever heard of someone getting sick after a deep dental cleaning?

My dentist had one of the hygenist do a deep cleaning on all four quadrants of my mouth because I hadn't been in a long time and needed it. He said he wanted her to put an anti biotics cream in there afterwards because he did see signs of gum disease and I had sever bleeding. The hygenist did the cleaning but did not give me the anti biotic, she said she wanted me to come back in 2 weeks and she would do it then. Well, in 2 weeks I was sick and had to cancel my appt and reschedule it. I have a sore throat, sinuses are all backed up, my face hurts, my mouth hurts. I went to the ER and they said I have a viral infection. I didn't think about the fact that my teeth hurt and my face hurts around my mouth until this morning. A friend suggested that maybe I am sick cause infection was released from the deep cleaning and I wasn't given the anti biotic.

Have you ever heard of someone getting sick after a deep dental cleaning?
I do not intend to have you worried...but your health (maybe life) could be in danger.

The dental procedure can cause a sever infection of your blood by "Streptococcus" and be fatal eg. lead to Endocarditis.

A high dose of "Amoxicillin" would be urgent!

Pls. be careful!
Reply:all the bacteria that they clean out from underneanth the gums can definatly get you sick with flu like symptoms. i am surprised you werent given the antibiotic first... Ps im also surprised she did all four quadrants at one time?
Reply:Not knowing your age or general health condition let me just say that given the circumstances as you described them it makes no sense what so ever that the Dentist allowed you to leave the office with out an antibiotic prescription. It's a well know fact in the health fields that any dental procedure that causes bleeding and an area of infection exists, standard procedure requires the patient to be give antibiotics...if the infection is know to exist ahead of time, antibiotics are given at least one week prior to the procedure being done. There are people in cemetery's because of such ill practices. When a person has a known or unknown serious health condition, that condition can be made fatal by release of infectious material being released directly into the blood stream through invasive dental procedures. It may be only a coincidence that you got sick following the dental procedure but failing to give you preventative medication for the infection they said you had certainly didn't help. You might consider changing who provides your dental health.
Reply:The antibiotics that the dentist would be placing is not for the purpose of preventing systemic infection, but rather for the purpose of slowing continued destruction of the periodontal tissues due to chronic periodontitis. Your viral infection is unrelated. Also the bacteria which cause periodontitis are susceptible to antibiotics, BUT they are not viruses. By definition, viruses are not affected by antibiotics.

I think the issue that the previous answerers are referring to is infective endocarditis. This could be a problem if you had a prosthetic heart valve, artificial joint, etc, that case an antibiotic would be given to prevent infection, but that is a completely different scenario.

Sometimes a dentist will refer to periodontitis as "an infection". "Infection" may describe the disease process to aid the patient's understanding, but technically, an infection means that it is spreading to other parts of the body...that does not happen in same sense with periodontitis.
Reply:I had a root canal done on an abscessed tooth without being given antibiotics before or after. One week later I was sick with a fever, chills, and fainted at work. Ambulance ride to the hospital where I was diagnosed with bacteremia (bacteria in bloodstream) and a VERY serious eye infection. I was on IV antibiotics for 6 weeks and had 5 injections to my right eye to treat the infection and prevent blindness or complete loss of the eye. A heart doctor, an infectious disease specialist, four eye specialists, and a surgeon to put in the IV tube. That root canal ended up costing over $40,000 dollars....and almost cost me my life. You may have a viral infection (?) BUT..If you're still sick.....SEE A DOCTOR NOW!

Good Luck %26amp; Best Wishes

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